How to Find the Best Gainesville Apartments For UF Students

In Gainesville, if you’re looking for housing, chances are that you are a UF student; more than 40% of the population is here to attend the University of Florida. Looking for your first Gainesville apartment can be a daunting task– especially if you’ve never lived in an apartment before. By following these helpful tips and beginning your apartment search online, you can save time and find the best fit for you and your particular needs as a UF student.


After spending a year on-campus in dorms like Broward, Hume, Springs or Fletcher, most UF students choose to live off-campus and begin searching for an apartment. And can you blame them? On-campus UF dorms are typically dark, damp and incredibly cramped, with most students sharing a bathroom with 45-60 other students. Unfortunately, UF does not offer on-campus parking near classes to UF students who don’t live in the dorms. So before you begin your apartment search, the first thing to consider is how you will get to your UF classes. Will you walk? Will you bike? Will you ride a bus or seek out a spot in ParkNRide? If you plan on riding the bus from your apartment, you’ll need to leave at least 1 hour before your class begins to ensure that you won’t be late. Remember that most RTS buses drop you off at the Hub (also known as the Reitz Union), and you’ll need to walk from there to your classes. The only other option is to seek out ParkNRide (which is so far from classes that you’ll need to ride a bus from your parking spot to the Hub and then walk from there). Because of the challenges you’ll face getting to your classes, most students seek out apartments near the UF campus, so that they can walk to class.

It can be very difficult to find an apartment near UF, especially if students do not have the help of older friends and family who have been through the process before. Many of the apartment complexes near UF are small and don’t advertise in the local apartment guides or Gainesville Apartment Hunters or similar apartment finder services. Instead, you’ll need to be proactive to find your best fit.


Smart students who want to find the best and cheapest apartments in Gainesville start their search online. They begin by navigating to sites like Google and typing in general keyword terms like Gainesville apartments and Gainesville apartments near UF. These terms will return a list of apartment complexes close to campus. The first few search results will include apartment finding services and roommate matching services that will list lots of the apartments with easy comparison charts, where you can search by style, size, move-in date and more. These same sites include many photo galleries, floorplans, virtual tours and maps showing where the apartments are located.

By starting their search for the best Gainesville apartments online, students can really cut back on their research time. Many websites also include time-saving tools like “schedule a tour” buttons and even offer online specials.


While performing your apartment search online, be sure to take good notes. You’ll want to make note of all of the following amenities in order to help determine which would be the best fit for you:

* Location – how close is it to UF

* How will you get to class – can you walk from the apartment to school

* Square footage – how big is the apartment

* Number of bedrooms – how many roommates will you have

* Roommate Matching Services – does the apartment complex offer roommate matching or will you need to find your own roommates

* Rental Rate per Person – how much will it cost you to live there

* Availability – is the apartment available for the month in which you need to move


Before taking a tour, students should talk to their parents, friends and anyone else involved in their decision making process. They should make a list of what is most important to them: budget, location, size of the apartment, how many bedrooms they are looking for, etc. From this list, they will be able to tell if the apartments online match their particular needs. Apartments are a lot like cars; as you increase your budget, you are able to get better amenities. So to find the best apartment, it is important to start off by asking parents what the budget is.


After finding a few Gainesville apartments that seem like a good fit, the next step is to schedule a tour. Tours typically take less than 15 minutes, and they are free. Plus touring is the best way to check out the actual apartment (though most apartment complex websites are honest, some are highly inaccurate). You should bring along anyone who is involved in the decision making process: friends, potential roommates, and parents (if they are in town). Always bring your checkbook and photo ID or driver’s license, so that you can put down a security deposit or make a reservation if you find that you like the apartment after your tour.


1) How many bedrooms does the apartment have, and are the bedrooms big enough for your furniture?

2) How many bathrooms does the apartment have? Will you need to share?

3) How does the parking around the apartment work?

4) How will you get to your UF classes from the apartment? Be forewarned. Most apartment complexes try to make the Gainesville bus system sound great– but RTS is terrible! For apartment near the Mall or off of 20th Ave, plan on leaving your apartment about 1 hour before class begins every day, to ensure that you get there on time. Between walking from the apartment to your bus stop, then waiting for the bus, then taking the bus ride (and all of its stops), then walking from The Hub on UF campus campus to the actual classroom, you are talking about a 45 trip. Plus, if the bus is late or if the bus is full, you will need some extra leeway. Because of this commute issue and because there is no on-campus parking (except for ParkNRide) for UF students who live off campus, most students try to live in houses and apartments close to UF, so that they can walk to class. Apartments that are walking distance to UF classes are a bit more money than those further away, but think about it: you’ll be saving up to 2 hours per day in commute time.


If you like the apartment after checking it out in person, be prepared to reserve the same day that you tour. Apartments in Gainesville Florida rent very quickly for fall move-in. Many floorplans fully rent out by January, for August move-in. Plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on your ideal new home!

Why Is There a Need for an Online Apartment Finder?

Nowadays, people are so busy that they rarely have the time to do things outside of work including looking for an apartment. Because of this, they resort to get professionals to help them with their search. However, this is not ideal for everyone especially for those who are tight on their budget. An online apartment finder is a more preferable option.

An apartment finder online is the better option particularly because it allows you to do things more expediently. It’s something you can do by yourself using your computer that is connected to the internet whenever you have the time which means you get to do your search without being bothered by calls during working hours and odd hours of the day. It lets you search for apartments at your own convenience.

Also, using this online tool helps you to be more efficient in your search. Looking for available apartments for rent is faster because search results get posted in mere seconds on your computer screen. It’s something you can easily do by simply entering the zip code or name of the city where you plan to get an apartment. And once the results are posted, you can check out the selections of different apartments to see which one has the amenities you want to have. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a fitness center or a laundry room you can be sure to know which apartment has what amenities if you use this tool. You can even see how the amenities look like since most apartments for rent post pictures on their advertisements. Having an apartment locator truly lessens the amount of time you spend on your search.

Finally, this online tool helps you save money. Since you won’t be employing people to do the search for you, you won’t have to be paying anyone for their services. You don’t even need to pay for gas money when doing your initial search since you can do it online. All that is left for you to do is note those apartments you think could be the right one for you and then check them out in person when you have the time to see if indeed they carry those amenities they promised in their ads. It’s definitely cost-efficient.

So, if you’re the type that can’t find the time to look for an apartment, use an apartment finder online to help you with your search. Its less-time consuming and less-expensive compared to the traditional way of looking for an apartment that can take the whole day. This online tool is your every desire!

Search Apartments Online With an Apartment Finder

Looking for apartments can be troublesome and expensive if you don’t know where to begin. Besides having a list of the things you want in your new home, the first thing you must do is look for an apartment finder. An apartment finder can be a person or it can be a web service on the internet. It’s up to you to decide which one suit you best. And to help you make this decision, there are a few things you need to know which should allow you to determine which one you’d most likely go for.

Choosing a person as your apartment guide allows you to do your search manually. Delegating the apartment hunt to another human being means that you may have to wait a while to get the results but the best thing about this is personalization. You guide will be able to give you results based on your specifications which makes him or her an ideal choice if you’re the kind who is very specific to detail and very busy with work. All you need to do is write down a list of the things you’re looking for in a new home and they present you with choices that match your list. This may sure seem easy but in reality it isn’t especially when you’re not the type who’s willing to compromise in case a few things are missing in the list. However, if you’re willing to wait and endure a few more phone calls at any time of the day, then having a person as an apartment guide is perhaps okay.

Meanwhile, an apartment guide using the web service provides you with an automated search. Unlike the former that utilizes people to do the search; you only need a computer and an internet connection to do the search for you. Simply open the webpage for apartment search and key in the name of the city. This should bring you to a page that displays all the apartments in the area of your search. Then, you can narrow your search by filling in the minimum and maximum amount of rent if you happen to have a budget or the type of apartment in terms of number of bedrooms. And in a just a few seconds, you get your search results. It’s definitely faster than the former and it’s free to use. You can even do your own search wherever you are and whenever the time.

Whether you choose an apartment finder that’s a person or a machine, your search results will definitely be a success because you have them as your aid. You only have to choose between a more personalized search or a general automated one as your apartment guide.